Press Overview

European Congress on Personalised Medicine, Brussels 2020

EAPM Bridging Conference
“Maintaining Public Trust in use of Big Data for
Health science in a Covid and Post Covid World”

The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM) welcomes journalists to the EAPM’s Bridging Conference between the Croatia and German Presidencies of the EU. Conference which, due to the Covid-19 situation, we have to hold online, in ‘virtual’ format.

The title of this ‘gathering’ is “Building a coordinated, data-rich biomarker testing space to speed early diagnosis and better treatment in a Covid and Post-Covid World.”

We recognise that media – print, online and broadcast – are vehicles of public information and that the media have an important role and community responsibility to keep the public informed.

We are happy to cooperate in providing accurate and appropriate information while protecting the confidentiality of our members and experts.

We will do what we can to assist the media, but we need to ask that, in return, journalists work with the EAPM to ensure good practice and high ethical standards.

The Alliance’s media registration and press policies provide news editors, reporters, health and medical writers with information about the rules and regulations regarding attendance and coverage of EAPM’s Bridging Conference.

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