Presidential Session

27th November – 17:30 – 18:30
Education Track

“New Research in Personalised Medicine”

Europe’s and the international research landscape remains too fragmented. A lack of critical mass in many research centres means not enough patients, biological materials, technological resources or competences. Wider collaboration and better infrastructure would help: technical platforms for genomics and other specialty disciplines, screening facilities for new pharmaceutical agents, biobanks for tissues and biofluids, quality-assured patient registries…

So too would better resources, for prospective validation of biomarkers that may be predictive for treatment, networks on biostatistics, epidemiology and outcomes research. Integration along the research continuum would make it easier to bridge basic/preclinical research and clinical research in early translational research. In late translational research, clinical results could be more closely linked to innovations in the health care systems, incorporating outcomes research more systematically, and profiting from the broader human perspective that patients’ experience and expertise can bring.

The session will present the leading developments in the area from the oncology, neurology, diabetes and rare disease.


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