Presidential Session

26th November – 14:15 – 15:30
Education Track

“Advancing Europe’s Healthcare – Patients & Economy”

Personalised healthcare will need to start with prevention to be truly successful and individual, it will move from disease management to health management which will change the cost structures and prevent loss of quality life and generate wealth.

In order to be effective in personalised medicine, and specifically prevention, the way therapy is approved and subsidised will need significant modernisation. Individual responsibility in risk reduction and cost sharing/insurance is foreseen to develop. The medical structures and citizen involvement will also need development to optimise the best use of the new possibilities.

Focus on research into new medicines and cutting-edge treatments is key and this will already in the shorter run create jobs – whether they be in research itself, education, design and manufacture of in-vitro products or within the pharmaceutical industry.

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 Alastair Kent

Alastair Kent

Formerly Director of Genetic Alliance UK


Fabio Pamolli

Fabio Pammoli

CADS Coordinator of IIT/HT; Full Professor, Economics and Management, Politecnico di Milano – TBC

Robert Johnstone

Robert Johnstone

Board Member, European Patient Forum

Ernst Hafen

Ernst Hafen

Head of BSc Biology / Head of MSc Biology, ETH Zurich, Inst. f. Molekulare Systembiologie


Ciaran Nicholl

Research Centre Ispra, European Commission

Simona Paratore

Simona Paratore

Head of Medical Cell & Gene Therapy, Oncology Region Europe, Novartis