About EAPM 2020

Education Track

European Conference on Personalised Medicine, Brussels 2020

EAPM will be holding three Presidency conferences during 2020 – during the Croatia Presidency, a bridging conference between the Croatia and Germany presidencies, and a final event while Germany is at the helm.

Not only do these conferences reflect the nature of the relative presidency policies in the healthcare arena, but also act as major events during what will be the first full year of the two new legislative bodies – the European Parliament and the European Commission.

For several years, now, EAPM has been in the vanguard of driving forward the concept of personalised medicine in Europe and beyond, with a special focus on bringing innovation into the healthcare arena.

With its broad base of stakeholders, drawn from industry, academia, science, research, the healthcare professions, patient groups, policymakers and more, the Alliance brings together key motivated and expert personnel from a wide range of EU Member States.

Now in its eight year, EAPM has worked tirelessly to achieve the goal of ‘the right treatment for the right patient at the right time’ to help create a healthier Europe for its 500 million citizens across the current 28 Member States.

EAPM’s achievements in the field of personalised medicine have been notable. A highly successful debut conference, held under the auspices of the Irish Presidency of the EU in Dublin, 2013, and several follow-up events in Brussels (under the Italian and Luxembourg presidencies respectively), have been augmented by three annual Congresses (Belfast, Milan and Brussels), numerous position papers, myriad high-level workshops held in the European Parliament seats of both Brussels and Strasbourg.

On top of all this has been a swathe of press coverage and EAPM-penned articles, cross-party backing from influential MEPs plus regular interaction with relevant departments in the European Commission.

During its ongoing SMART Outreach campaign (SMART stands for Smaller Member states And Regions Together), EAPM has had considerable engagement with EU presidencies, individual Member States and the regions within them.

During its existence, EAPM has worked with the obvious conclusions that health equals wealth and that investment in research and innovation, alongside laws and rules that are fit-for-purpose and reflect the swiftly changing world of medicine, are vital going forward.